CTStrip250Supporting You Through Your “6 Week Jump Start”

The biggest life style change in the first six weeks is to simply observe your body.

Purpose of the “6 Week Jump Start”

Infuse the Body with Fuel – 49 Super foods provide intense concentrated nutrients from whole foods A – Fueling the body for energy – the shake mix is to fuel the body with clean complex carbohydrates. “Energy filled life”. B – Healing the body by balancing the immune system with plant protein, amino acids, whole food vitamins & minerals. C – Flushing the body – daily detox– Food enzymes, and pre-biotics aid in the efficient workings of digestive system. Transform your Energy Level – Habits for Metabolic Change A – Add WATER – ½ your body weight in oz. B – Add movements (walking / swimming /going to gym), 30 minutes a day. This will help the detoxing phase and build lifestyle habits!

Helpful Tools

Download the checklist and KEEP IT ON YOUR REFRIDGERATOR! CTchecklistSm Click to Download CT Daily Checklist

Download the Complete Shake Making Guide and Keep It Next to Your Blender! CTshakemaking2_28_2014 Click to Download the Complete Shake Making Guide

Download the recipe book to keep smoothies fun and tasty! SmoothieCoverSm Click Here to Download the Smoothie Book