MeetLisetteStrip1At Mai Health, we provide powerful tools for igniting your health through ancient and timeless principles of longevity, balance and energy built around your desires to be the best you can be for yourself, your family, and your community.

Like you, my story started with mainstream living in America. You know, that fast pace lifestyle that encourages falling into the trap of eating chain restaurant food, taking artificial supplements, drinking Gatorade (or anything!) instead of water, and no exercise. I made choices devoid of understanding about their impact and consequences they had on my health and that of my family.

I bought into the current medical system, for the first 12 years of raising my 3 children, taking my kids to the doctor about a total of 6 times a year for antibiotics due to strep throat, ear infections, allergies – thinking this was the normal thing to do. I was doing the best I knew how for my kids.

My wakeup call came in the still of the 4th straight night at Texas Children’s Hospital.

My oldest son (then 12) came down with such SEVERE strep throat from allergies that his throat began to constrict, limiting his oxygen intake leaving him gasping for air. After 4 fearful nights at Texas Children’s Hospital, he continued to worsen. Everything compounded and Instead of just strep throat, he had an ear infection, scarlet fever and mono. In that Dark Night of the Soul, the miracle of the healing body pulled him through.

We pulled through this time, but I was left in shock, desperate and lost for why this all happened and fear it would happen again. Why did his own immune system fail him? I did everything a mother in our society is supposed to do. What did I do wrong?

After much research, I found the answer – I never allowed his body’s natural immune system to do its job.

For the first 12 years of his life, I had by-passed the body’s natural immune system in favor of man made antibiotics. It wasn’t my fault. I applied everything I’d been taught…but what ‘everyone knows’ is wrong!

My friend shared with me when we eat 9 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, the medicinal value of fruits and vegetables rebuilds and reactivates our immune system – and it would do it for my son too.

Clarity and hope dawned. She even had a proven program and resource to get concentrated fruits and vegetables into his system – without him even knowing we did it!

That was the catalyst for me to dive deep into going back to nature for answers, “let food be your medicine”. Going back to foods that are nurtured by the sun, the earth, the rain and the moon as the most effective healing and prevention method.
I am so grateful and happy to say that it has been six years since I have had to take my kids to the doctor for anything but a dislocated elbow. With the brilliance of the proven Juice Plus System, I have learned to make educated healthy choices and have discovered from mother nature how to give my children back their miracle immune system.

Now I find myself in the “sandwiched” generation.

Sandwiched in between 3 teenage kids and 2 sets of aging parents as well as the work that supports us all. I never imagined the energy demand load for this of my stage in life. Yet, in my late 40s, I feel younger, happier and more creative than ever.

What made the difference? Igniting Total Health – both the kinetic wisdom of Tai Chi and the nutritional building blocks of Juice Plus. I’ve found that the wisdom of health means to tune in and listen to the signals of your body and give it wonderful things that it needs. There we find our body and the abundant life that is our birthright.

I want this for you as together we Ignite YOUR Total Health!!!

IT is simple beyond belief. We make it impossible for you to live in the tired old shell. We provide you with proven techniques of movement, nutrition foundation and support that launches you forward into living in true health. We will teach you to live in full happiness and feel your vibration of higher health frequency. Every one of the 600 trillion cells in your body will sing, dance, laugh and support your play in the genius zone.

As a teacher and coach with the mission of “Igniting Total Health,” I specialize in teaching visionaries and creative entrepreneurs whose creative flow has been interrupted by cancer, and health challenges to fully awaken to the miracle of the healing body and its potential to build a new life filled with energy, health, and happiness .

Together we “Ignite Total Health” so you can live large in your vision.
Together we “Ignite Total Health” so you can play big in creating your purposeful life.
Together we Ignite the Total Health that is YOUR birthright!


At the core of healing lies our belief that living in vitality and energy is the birthright of every individual on Earth. Therefore, I pledge to…

1- Devote myself to learning and growing into my personal miracles.
2- Trust the wisdom of my heart and take constant inspired action
3- Every day, “part the clouds to see the sun” of my heart.
4- Play fully in my brilliance.
5- Become laser focused with building my health frequency
6- Surround myself with other igniters of health
7- Share Blessings in the love I let be and the grace I live.
8- I am ready now
9- “If not me then who? If not now then when? If not here then where?
10- My time is NOW!