reatreatscheduleSm“I have found when the body is happy, healthy, and at peace, so is the mind and the spirit. These are things I knew before but never actively connected and put into practice until recently. This journey has involved 2 specific pieces- my diet and my exercise.

“The past year has been very difficult for me and especially so the past few months. I found that I was not following through on what I was learning–memory took a vacation. What I was and have been using has been steady and has stuck with me. [Your teaching] has gotten me through this rough time.” Natalie


The core of my diet is Juice Plus+ and the core of my exercise is Tai Chi. Tai chi has connected my being, both physically and mentally; the fuel for this connection is Juice Plus+. Tai Chi has improved my physical sense of balance and agility, my mental focus, my energy levels, and my sense of calmness. The energy of Chi is the energy which connects physical strength and the ability to sustain it with calmness. I have learned so much about myself and become more aware of my being because of Tai Chi. It is a life fulfillment for which I am most grateful. I have recently been touting my experiences with Juice Plus+ and Tai Chi online.

However, I have not mentioned an extremely important part of my growth…my Tai Chi instructor/mentor, Lisette Templin. When I decided to enter her classes, Lisette was completely understanding, accepting, and encouraging of my feeble attempts. Her immense knowledge of the history, Tai Chi techniques, and philosophies is so complete and her ability to communicate these is delivered in such a way that all can understand. She is full of what I would call “gentle energy” which she uses with each student when instructing them and this talent makes her teaching techniques all the more effective. I thank her for giving me an excitement for Tai Chi and its philosophy and I hope many will benefit from her teachings. I know I have benefited in balance, focus, strength and agility. Wonderful!”  C. Lytle, Galveston, TX